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Shumiliany by AbrilTheMareep

Ok, you know i love you, but im gonna be completely professional with this. :p

Alright then, The visual is very great here, She really stands out and the dark background also brings out the color of her outfit as well that shine she has to her. Her eyes seem more sad then crazy, like how you told me they were suppose to be. but the sadness actually makes her seem better here where you could use Crazyness for Darius.

I like how she's floating like this is the beginning of her discovering this new power. I give you the 5 stars for the originality, mainly because of the design for the dress.. It's really incredible and really freakin long though.

Technique is only a 4.5 mainly because her legs are really long.. They're practically longer her her whole body. that's my only thing that caught my attention with that. But it's a simple fix.. sorta. XD But overall the whole style of the dress, the trimmings Her eyes, and even her hair were by far one of your greatest ones so far. :D You've improved so much!

the Impact is also another 5 stars, mainly because in her eyes, you can see sadness and even some pain in there.. And it just makes you want to jump in there and save her. :3 The see through parts of the dress is also good too as well as the part that wraps around the see through part. XD But It's really good and definately impacts people when they see this.

So overall, i'd definately give this a 5 whole stars! :D you've improved so much my love and this is definately your best work so far. :D Congrats and everything you've done, keep going and i know for sure you'll make your dreams come true love. :3
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